COVID-19 Questions and Protocols


Due to the close nature of our industry & rules mandated by Governor Reynolds and the Iowa Department of Public health, these are the new social distancing guidelines you need to know prior to the arrival of your appointment at all of our MetroWaxx salons:

Before you even leave for your appointment please ask yourself the following:

  1. Have I been in contact with anyone who has tested Positive for COVID-19 in the last 14 days?
  2. Am I feeling well? Do I have a fever?
  3. Do I have any symptoms of COVID-19?
If you answer “Yes” to any of these questions, please cancel your appointment. Remember, if you bring COVID-19 to our facility, we could infect other guests and then inevitably be shut down at least 14 more days. Canceling due to precautionary measures will not incur a late cancellation fee at this time.

Before entering the salon:

Do not bring extra people. The only people that will be permitted into MetroWaxx salons are scheduled appointments, on the day/time of the appointment.

You will be REQUIRED to wear a mask. You will need to provide your own due to supply shortages. Our MetroWaxx teams will be in full masks while in salon. If you do not have a mask you will be asked to reschedule. When you arrive at MetroWaxx, DO NOT leave your car. Text the salon that you have arrived, and please wait to be texted back to come in. We must limit how many people are in the salon at all times.

  • Johnston MetroWaxx- 515-418-7528 (Merle Hay Rd)
  • Des Moines MetroWaxx 515-249-0409 (SW9th & Park)
  • Ankeny MetroWaxx 515-971-6471 (N Ankeny Blvd)

When you are in the salon, you will be asked a brief health assessment. We will also ask you to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer prior to going back to your waxing service.

We may need to stagger the payment process, after your service depending on salon, due to social distancing.

Please be patient with us as we have been closed since March 23rd and are a bit out of routine at this time, and with all the new safety protocols we will have to develop a new rhythm.

Can I bring my children/partner/friend to my appointment?

No. At this time, we will only allow people with appointmets to enter the salon.

How long with thses changes be in effect?

According to the lastest State Public Health Emergency Declaration, these changes will be in effect until at least May 27th. To help keep everyone safe, we will review these guidelines as needed.

Why do I need to wait in my car for my appointment.

According to the lastest State Public Health Emergency Declaration, MetroWaxx must limits its numbers to 50% of maximum legal occupancy. Since our salons are designed and licensed to have at least one person waiting for each person being being wax, staying in your car allows us to provide our valuable services while also protecting the public and following the lastest state guidelines.